Parktone Primary School is a great school that has come so far in recent years with the support of a dedicated and passionate local community.

The school now has over 500 students, placing pressure on the existing buildings and facilities. As a local community, we need to consider what upgrades we need to provide to support these students into the future; and how local residents, parents, teachers and principals can be involved in this journey.

After missing out on major capital works funding in recent years at a state government level, the Parktone primary community started to ask: when is it Parktone’s turn?

The school started a grassroots campaign, making one of the cutest campaign videos ever and delivering 926 letters to my office making the case for a fair deal.

The campaign was ultimately successful and resulted in Parktone Primary School being awarded $4 million in funding for their new school hall. I celebrated with the teachers and students in May at a raucous all-school assembly attended by local media. I am looking forward to seeing this much needed facility come to fruition in the near future.