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Information for Primary and Secondary students to help with school projects.

Local students often ask Tim about the political system and the Mordialloc electorate.

On this page you will find some answers to frequently asked questions, as well as some links to more information about the Victorian Parliament and Government.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Tim Richardson?

Tim Richardson is the Member of Parliament for the State District of Mordialloc.

What does Tim do?

As the local representative for the district of Mordialloc , Tim helps residents, schools, businesses and other groups with Victorian Government matters and works hard to improve the local area. He meets with residents and organisations; corresponds with ministers; speaks in Parliament on important issues and attends local events and visits local schools and businesses.

Does Tim have any other responsibilities?

Yes. Tim sits on a number of committees investigating important issues such as the Natural Environment, Anti-Corruption, and the Fiskville Enquiry 

Which political party is Tim a member of?

Tim is a member of the Australian Labor Party 

When was Tim elected?

Tim was first elected as the State Member for Mordialloc in November 2014.

What were the results in Mordialloc at the last election?

Tim received 52.04% of the two party preferred vote in the 2014 state election.

When do I enrol to vote?

If you are an Australian citizen aged 18 years or over and you’ve lived at your current address for at least a month, then you need to enrol to vote. You can also apply for enrolment if you’re 17 years old and will be automatically enrolled when you turn 18. Enrol to vote

What does the State Government do?

There are three levels of government: Federal, State and Local.

The State, or Victorian Government looks after issues like public hospitals, state schools, main roads and freeways, transport, police, ambulances and public housing. To find out if something is a State Government issue, visit the Victorian Government homepage