Acacia Avenue Preschool

Mr RICHARDSON (Mordialloc) — My adjournment matter this evening is for the Minister for Families and Children, and the action I seek is for the minister to consider the funding application put forward by the Kingston City Council to the Victorian government’s children’s facilities capital works grants for the relocation of Acacia Avenue Preschool to the Mentone Park Primary School site.

It would be remiss of me in mentioning Mentone Park Primary School not to acknowledge the contribution of Kendra Parker, the former principal who is now located at Lysterfield Primary School. She served fantastically for a number of years at Mentone Park Primary School, and I wish her well. One of her visions was to improve and develop the educational outcomes for children in Mentone. At the same time Acacia Avenue Preschool has served our community for decades, and some of its facilities have become run down. It is a one-room kinder facility, and it is time it gets the improvements that it needs.

We know that the co-location of early childhood education with primary school education gets fantastic outcomes, and that is evident in one project that is underway in my local community, with the co-location of Chelsea Kindergarten to the Chelsea Primary School site. This will deliver fantastic educational outcomes and link children into that foundation from four-year-old kindergarten.

The City of Kingston has put forward this application, and I want to acknowledge the importance of this investment in early childhood education. I also want to acknowledge the Acacia Avenue committee. Rebecca Hitchcock, the president, and Kate Solomon, the secretary, have led this community well, and Yolande Moulton, who is the preschool director and educational leader, has served our local community for some time.

In conclusion, the action I seek is for the Minister for Families and Children to consider the funding application that has been put forward by the City of Kingston and the great outcomes that it would deliver for my community.