Ambulance Services

Mr RICHARDSON (Mordialloc) — It gives me great pleasure to rise and recognise that this week a significant milestone has been achieved with the support of our paramedics. This is a significant achievement for the Andrews Labor government, having come to government promising to end the war on our paramedics and end the demonisation of the paramedics in our community. The Fair Work Commission’s value case recognising the changing work of our paramedics is significant.

Our emergency services across the board face some telling challenges each and every day, whether it is road trauma or whether it is in our hospitals, and our paramedics confront that each and every day. Having heard their stories and their accounts leading up to the Victorian election in 2014 and then having continued to discuss that issue throughout the months up until this decision, I know they do a wonderful job, and I want to put on the record how proud we are to end the war on our paramedics and to get that extra support.

Whether it is in recognising that paramedics now undertake a bachelors degree or whether it is the fact that the drugs they are dealing with save lives each and every day, we know it is a significant job and a significant burden for the 3500 paramedics in our community, some of whom live in the Mordialloc electorate. For the nearly 19 million kilometres that they cover each year, the nearly 800 000 call-outs each and every year and the 4600 cardiac arrests they confront, I congratulate them on their efforts.