Country Fire Authority Edithvale Brigade

Mr RICHARDSON (Mordialloc) — It was an honour to visit the Edithvale Country Fire Authority (CFA) brigade recently for its 90th anniversary and reunion of past members. I begin by paying tribute to those wonderful past members who have served at the brigade over a number of years and given their time in the service of and dedication to the community. There is no doubting the place the Edithvale fire brigade has in the local area. The brigade emerged at a time when the suburb of Edithvale was developing, after breaking away from Aspendale. It was a transformational time when there were probably more racecourses in Melbourne than there were fire stations.

The Edithvale fire brigade joined the Chelsea, Aspendale and Carrum brigades and moved to its current site at Station Street in 1972, with volunteer members having built the station brick by brick. It was a wonderful effort by the community, whose members came together for that purpose. In 1964 they had to fight a community campaign in order for the brigade to continue. Now, sometime down the track, it was an absolute honour and a privilege to welcome the Minister for Emergency Services over the weekend to unveil plans for the new $2.5 million CFA station.

I make special mention of and thank Captain Graham Fountain for having us. I make special mention of a good neighbour and good friend of the brigade, John Hennessey, who has generously offered his land for the redevelopment. Instead of selling his land to developers, he has thought about his community. He has put his community first, he has put others first and he has put first this wonderful volunteer brigade of over 100 members. It is a credit to John and his family, and we thank him.