Dyslexia Support

Mr RICHARDSON (Mordialloc) — I want to put on the record my participation in a competition for dyslexia awareness at Chelsea Primary School and a Light it Red for Dyslexia event recently. I had the opportunity to meet young Kaiya, who is a fantastic student and who had the challenge to write to her local member of Parliament, her principal and to the singer Katy Perry. I want to read out Kaiya’s letter on her experience of confronting dyslexia:

My name is Kaiya. I’m nine years old. I love playing netball and singing. At school I like art. I’m very good at art.

I can’t keep up with the other kids at school because they all learn faster than me.

I can’t remember what to do. Reading and spelling are difficult for people with dyslexia, and that’s me!

I think you should help kids with dyslexia by having an extra teacher to help them in class. Audio books help me because someone reads the words.

Please help us learn! From Kaiya.

While Kaiya was looking for Katy Perry, she ended up getting second best with her local member of Parliament. But her comments stuck with me — about all children being supported in education and all children having a right to learn and being supported and assisted. Something that stuck out for me for Trudi and Kathy, her wonderful parents, and teachers at Chelsea Primary was that they were relieved when Kaiya was diagnosed with dyslexia because they could work towards trying to support her education in the future.