Education Funding

Mr RICHARDSON (Mordialloc) — It gives me great pleasure to rise, leading up to the end of the first year of the Andrews Labor government, to reflect on the government’s contributions to education in our community. One fundamental commitment that we made leading into the 2014 election was to increase funding to Mordialloc College, a $4.5 million investment that would set up the college for the future in its first stage, delivering a performing arts centre, a year 8 learning centre and basketball stadium. I want to pay tribute to Michelle Roberts, the principal of Mordialloc College, and her team, who have undertaken this fantastic initiative. Cheltenham Secondary College will receive $7 million, and Parkdale Primary School, a fantastic school, has received its final stage upgrade.

One of the most fundamental commitments we made leading up to the election was the restoration of Gonski funding. All members of this place will be aware that their schools, particularly regional and rural schools, received more funding to support their teachers, their staff and their students going into the future. It is about equality, it is about fairness and it is about setting up our young people for the future and empowering them with the skills to meet the needs of a changing economy. After a year of the Andrews Labor government the most fundamental element has been the restoration of Gonski funding. It has provided a significant benefit for our state, and I look forward to working on that into the future.