Gender Equality

Mr RICHARDSON (Mordialloc) — My adjournment matter this evening is for the Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence. The action I seek is that the minister visit my electorate of Mordialloc and discuss the gender equality strategy with my local community and local service providers.

We all know that there is a link between attitudes towards women and family violence. The research, which is overwhelming, details that gender inequity and negative attitudes towards women drive gendered violence. Addressing gender inequity and inequality is at the heart of the Victorian government’s reforms, particularly leading by example in the public sector by ensuring that 50 per cent of board appointments are women. We have a long way to go in trying to change those attitudes towards women. The gender pay gap nationally is 17.3 per cent — 14 per cent in Victoria — and the private sector, particularly the financial and insurance services industry, has the highest gender pay gap, at 30 per cent.

Some of the findings in the royal commission’s recommendations go to education on respectful relationships. One key element in the family violence royal commission’s report is chapter 36, which talks about prevention. This is a key prism of how we change attitudes towards women, how we see more women in leadership positions and how this will drive important change.

I see these issues through two prisms. One is the immediate need for urgent action to ensure protection of people — women, children and their families immediately — and then that longer term generational change that has to start now and has to happen from our kindies all the way through our education system. We do not have a day to waste in this element, because for every single day that we are not acting in this space, another 200 family violence incidents are reported to Victoria Police.

In conclusion, I invite the Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence down to the Mordialloc electorate to discuss with key service providers, women in leadership in our community and our next generations just how we implement the gender equity and equality strategy and some of those important plans that will go into the 10-year plan.