Gerry Green Reserve

Mr RICHARDSON (Mordialloc) — My adjournment matter is for the Minister for Sport, and the action I seek is for the minister to consider the Kingston City Council application under the Community Sports Infrastructure Fund for Gerry Green Reserve. Gerry Green Reserve is located in Parkdale and is the home of the Parkdale Vultures, an amateur football club in B grade in my electorate; the Parkdale cricket club; and also the Parkdale tennis club. It is a significant reserve for our local community. Parkdale is the biggest suburb in my electorate, home of almost 20 per cent of the constituents I have the pleasure of representing.

The premises at Gerry Green Reserve are ageing. The community facilities there — the clubrooms — have been there well in excess of 50 years. They have been worn out; they have had their time. They have been of great use to the community, but the facilities need an extra boost, and the Community Sports Infrastructure Fund is the vehicle for that. The City of Kingston in its submission has allocated $2.4 million towards the project, and it has an active application. It is fantastic to see the council prioritising this project. I would like to see it also prioritising Mentone Reserve in Brindisi Street, the home of the Mentone St Bede’s football club and cricket club and of course the home of Luke Beveridge, who successfully took the Western Bulldogs to a premiership for Footscray. Those two projects in our region are of significant priority for two wonderful amateur football clubs, but works at Gerry Green Reserve are long overdue.

I would like to pay tribute to the club and the representatives. Chris Liddell, the president of the football club, has been a fantastic advocate for that community. Sean Dougherty, the outgoing president of the Parkdale cricket club, has been a tireless advocate for that region. It is a pleasure to sponsor these sporting clubs and support them. I ask the Minister for Sport to consider funding for Gerry Green Reserve under the Community Sports Infrastructure Fund.