Member for Bass Comments

Mr RICHARDSON (Mordialloc) — I was going to briefly touch on a level crossing announcement in my electorate, but I thought I would just address the comments of the member for Bass, who engaged in a sensationalist rant devoid of facts and devoid of any evidence when he asserted that mixed martial arts have some kind of link to family violence. That is absurd. He should retract it. It is offensive to people who engage in mixed martial arts. I think he should come back to the chamber and apologise for that link. The policy work that we are doing as the government is undermined by statements like that that have no basis in facts. Disciplines like karate, Brazilian jujitsu and taekwondo that all come under the banner of mixed martial arts are already legally sanctioned, and to suggest that they are linked to family violence undermines the work of this government and its policies on family violence. He should be ashamed and should come back to the chamber to clarify his comments.