Mentone Park Primary School

Mr RICHARDSON (Mordialloc) — I raise an adjournment matter this evening for the Minister for Education. The action I seek is for the minister to visit Mentone Park Primary School to discuss the school’s future needs and priorities. Mentone Park Primary School is a school of nearly 300 students, and a population in the City of Kingston that is expected to grow by 20 per cent over the coming 10 years not only presents Mentone Park Primary School community with a challenge where the school is trying to deal with increased student numbers but also with an opportunity to think about the future, think about what the school’s master plan might be and think about what it wants to achieve for the students in the coming years.

It goes without saying that the local region and the City of Kingston — and the City of Bayside — were very fortunate in this state budget, particularly one of the neighbouring schools, Parktone Primary School, which after many months was able to secure funding for a new school hall, and Mordialloc Beach Primary School, which will have refurbishment works done to some of its buildings. It goes without saying that the biggest local commitment was an additional $13.5 million for Beaumaris College, which was an outstanding example of the community coming together to support education in our region and a school that was written off by the previous government. This will be a $20 million school facility — a fantastic outcome for our local region.

This building agenda is quite significant, and we cannot stop in our tracks, so this takes us to conversations about the future needs of Mentone Park Primary School. I want to pay tribute to Kendra Parker and her team, who have done an outstanding job in supporting their students in a fantastic educational environment. I had the chance to catch up with her team last week to get an update on their priorities. I am catching up with members of the school council in the coming week, and I look forward to working with them over the coming months on their journey as we try to assess what their future needs are. The first step in that is to get the education minister, who has been to my area a number of times, down to Mentone Park Primary School to visit Kendra Parker and have a chat about those future priorities. I look forward to welcoming him to our community very soon.