Mordialloc Beach Primary School

Mr RICHARDSON (Mordialloc) — Recently I had the opportunity to visit Mordialloc Beach Primary School to get an update on its year so far, as it finishes the first term, and its future plans for the coming year. This is a fantastic local school that, in a couple of short years, will celebrate 150 years of servicing our community of Mordialloc. The school was there when Mordialloc was developing as a community and well before the Frankston train line came through our community. The student numbers are going towards 200. This is a testament to Sue Leighton-Janse, the tremendous principal of Mordialloc Beach Primary School, but it would be remiss of me to not mention two other wonderful advocates in Amanda Healy and Simone Wall, who lead the parents and friends group, which does a remarkable job at that school.

One of the things that we discussed when I went to the school was the challenges it was facing with its heritage-listed building, which is protected in our community. The building supports the number of students and the number of classrooms, but it is getting a bit tired. We talked about what we could do as a community to try to improve that structure and improve the support for the students on site. While being a small school with just under 200 students, there is a remarkable school community. Its community fete is exceptional, and it has a lot of participants, volunteers and support. I look forward to working with the school to try to get that vital maintenance funding and support in the coming months to improve the school facilities.