Mordialloc Creek

Mr RICHARDSON (Mordialloc) — I raise a matter for the Minister for Ports. The action I seek is that the minister investigate the replacement of wave baffles at the entrance of Mordialloc Creek to improve safety and protect assets as a high priority. The Mordialloc Creek has always been a significant natural resource and a vital part of Port Phillip Bay. It is a place of community and a multitude of activities, as well as a rich source of life going back to the Bunurong people, the traditional owners of the land in the region. The suburb of Mordialloc is said to be a combination of a couple of Indigenous words which could be interpreted as ‘flat water’, ‘swampy water’ or perhaps ‘near the little sea’. This reference is directly related to the creek and its broader connection to the historic Carrum Carrum Swamp.

During the 1800s Mordialloc became a fishing village and would go on to become a renowned spot for picnics right along the Frankston train line through the 1880s. Despite the significant growth and development throughout Mordialloc, it is still renowned for its boating, sailing and fishing communities, forming part of a pleasant viewpoint on the horizon of the bay each and every summer. In recent weeks as we have come into the season I have had the opportunity to attend season openings days for Mordialloc Sailing Club and Mordialloc Motor Yacht Club, along with meeting with other local stakeholders in the creek community. It is yet another reminder of the variety of participants, supporters and advocates for the Mordialloc Creek and its enjoyment for our community.

When considering beneficiaries of the Mordialloc Creek, along with the regular activities within the Peter Scullin Reserve that sits adjacent to the creek, including the annual Mordialloc Food and Wine Festival, it is imperative that we do all we can to support this wonderful natural resource.

I should also acknowledge the investment of the former government in dredging works at the Mordialloc Creek. This was a significant and difficult task, and the last thing the creek community needs right now is for investment works that were undertaken to be undermined due to inadequate infrastructure at the mouth of the creek.

The immediate next stage in this process is the replacement of these wave baffles. Wave baffles are in place to reduce the wave energy coming in from Port Phillip Bay through the mouth of Mordialloc Creek. The current wave baffles have all but completely deteriorated, resulting in stronger currents and wave energy flowing through the creek. This increases the risk of damage to boats and yachts, as well as bringing more silt into the creek, undermining previous dredging works.

Finally, you cannot mention Mordialloc Creek without considering the contribution of Jack Pompei, or as he was affectionately known, Mr Mordialloc. Jack was a local boatbuilder, a strong advocate for the protection of the creek and a local hero who was said to have rescued and assisted hundreds of people who ran into trouble on the bay. The ongoing maintenance and protection of the creek was a consistent feature during Jack’s time and continues to this very day. Jack had a remarkable turn of phrase and said, ‘If you took the creek out of Mordialloc, there would be nothing there’. I want to make sure that we protect Mordialloc Creek for the future and promote it for the betterment of local residents and visitors to our region. In conclusion, the action I seek is for the minister to investigate the replacement of wave baffles at the entrance of Mordialloc Creek.