Sandringham Hospital

Mr RICHARDSON (Mordialloc) — My adjournment matter tonight is for the Minister for Health, and the action I seek is for the minister to update my community on the health investment that is being made in our public hospitals, particularly Sandringham Hospital, through investment in elective surgery. Sandringham Hospital was visited by the Minister for Health in the last week along with the member for Bentleigh and the federal member for Hotham, Clare O’Neil, so they could see firsthand the professional care and support it provides to our local community. It is amazing that 33 000 people each and every year go through the emergency department at Sandringham Hospital out of a total of 41 000 patients. Interestingly 1600 babies are born each and every year at Sandringham Hospital.

But what we have seen federally recently are not only the big cuts that the federal government made in the 2014 budget under Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey but also the recent peculiar situation where the federal government is trying to retrospectively claw back funding from our public health system, which could particularly affect hospitals like Sandringham Hospital. It is trying to retrospectively take money back when it has already been spent by Alfred Health. When that investment has already gone directly to patients, the federal government is trying to claw that funding back. It is an absolute outrage that this is happening. We are 23 days away from the end of the financial year, and this is happening. It is unconscionable.

It sees the Victorian government take the federal government to court on this very issue, and we continue to this day to fight out this matter on behalf of Victorians. We have not heard one statement from the member for Sandringham or from the Leader of the Opposition, who went down and stood out the front in the garden but did not bother to go on a tour to talk to the people who each and every day deliver much-needed care to patients and my local community. Over 30 per cent of the City of Kingston is supported by Sandringham Hospital. We can contrast that with the investment the Andrews Labor government is making in our health system and in supporting my constituents in the City of Kingston in elective surgery and the special care nursery that will be vital for our local community. For my adjournment matter I ask the Minister for Health to update my community on how the investment in public health, particularly elective surgeries, will benefit Sandringham Hospital and my local constituents.