St Louis De Montfort’s School

Mr RICHARDSON (Mordialloc) — My adjournment matter this evening is for the Minister for Education. The action I seek is for the minister to consider round 2 funding under the non-government school capital works program for St Louis de Montfort’s School.

St Louis de Montfort’s School is an outstanding Catholic primary school in my electorate. More than 750 children now attend this school, and it has seen rapid growth over the past few years. Their successful approach to sustainability in everything they do makes them not only a leader in our community but a leader across the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. In fact for at least three years the school has been running a Steps to Sustainability conference that has not just Catholic but also independent sector and government schools come together across the south-eastern suburbs to collaborate, to break down the silo mentality in our school sectors and to work together to get the best outcomes for their students. They can be environmental policy, climate change and across the board outcomes.

The success of this school and its community has placed substantial pressure on the school’s current building works. The capital works program that was announced by the Andrews Labor government — an election commitment of $120 million to build and upgrade Catholic and independent schools — is very important; it will be important for these schools that educate more than 22 per cent of Victorian students. The aim of this program is to upgrade schools and build new schools, thereby building that capacity. Some of the plans of St Louis de Montfort’s School are absolutely outstanding. There is a plan for a centre of excellence to support grades 5 and 6 students with open learning environments. It will be an outstanding project. That collaboration between the sector and the state government will be all important.

I acknowledge the outstanding work of principal Tom Lindeman, who has led the school fantastically for many years. He is an outstanding advocate for his community. I also acknowledge a teacher who has won awards on many occasions, Julie Wynne. She has won the ResourceSmart Primary Teacher of the Year award, she has led the school in its sustainability in every facet and she is one of the reasons why the school is consistently rewarded across the board.

I will also give a plug to the school. It recently staged a musical, the Wizard of Oz. I had the chance of seeing the dress rehearsal of that fantastic production. It was an outstanding production for that school. It just shows all the different things the school is doing. In conclusion, I ask the minister to consider St Louis De Montfort’s School in round 2 of the non-government school capital works funding program.